Feels like summer

Philadelphia really knows how to kick off the summer by hitting 90 degrees before June even arrives. I personally am not a fan of the heat so while I enjoy the escapes to the beach during these next few months, I dread being outside when I’m not near a major water source.

The thing is – Philly comes alive in the spring and summer. My yoga teacher has coined the perfect moniker for it – “adult summer camp”. There are festivals and food truck events and non-stop activities happening throughout the city (assuming you haven’t escaped to the Jersey Shore).

With that in mind, I wanted to focus a bit more on the international food festivals that really show off the flavors of the city in ways that no one else can. All of these start as soon as this coming weekend – so go get your eat on!

And share the love!
Are you aware of an international food festival that’s missing from this list? Let me know as I’d love to add it! And share photos of your favorite bites from these (such as my fab sandwich from Puyero at the South Street festival) and other events happening as part of this summer’s adult summer camp 🙂

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