Straight Up Now Tell Me

Is it just me, or do you also tend to get everything in your life (work, personal, family, etc.) crescendo all at once (even when it’s not Mercury in Retrograde)? That was how this weekend was – I spent the weekend managing a case for work, facing my family’s collective anxiety about my nana’s upcoming surgery, sleeping less than normal, while trying to squeeze in … Continue reading Straight Up Now Tell Me

Feels like summer

Philadelphia really knows how to kick off the summer by hitting 90 degrees before June even arrives. I personally am not a fan of the heat so while I enjoy the escapes to the beach during these next few months, I dread being outside when I’m not near a major water source. The thing is – Philly comes alive in the spring and summer. My … Continue reading Feels like summer

Ringing in 2019 on an airplane

Written after breaking down all of the Christmas decorations. Even though I’ve been off for a week already and clearly confused on what day it is (hence why this is a day late), I’ve been using the last few days to think about what I want to achieve in 2019. I know, I know – join every other social media site, channel, influencer, writer, etc. … Continue reading Ringing in 2019 on an airplane

And now for the main event…

So if you’ve been following along thus far, you know that I’ve spent most of the last few weeks talking about tacos and focusing on one locale in particular – South Philly Barbacoa. After all of my nervousness and careful planning, it happened. And now I live to tell the tale. South Philly Barbacoa has moved locations a few times over the last few years, … Continue reading And now for the main event…

Barbacoa – the origin of US Barbecue?

Written while sampling taquitos. Close enough, right? So I know it’s been some time since you’ve seen me here. And while I apologize for the delay, I’ll try to prevent it from happening again. I’m going to mostly blame a family reunion at the shore for a week, followed by a slightly rough return to normal life. While at the shore, I only managed to … Continue reading Barbacoa – the origin of US Barbecue?