I just took a DNA test – turns out I’m 100%…

…an IBS sufferer (I can imagine your disappointment as it’s not nearly as exciting as Lizzo). I had originally planned to tell you of these fantastic arepas that I had multiple times this summer, but my stomach had other plans for me today. Specifically a lack of interest in eating. Since the middle of the summer, I’ve gone into overdrive focusing on self care. This … Continue reading I just took a DNA test – turns out I’m 100%…

But I thought it was fall

The date says we’re moving into fall but the temperature outside in Philadelphia would make you think otherwise. By now, we’ve established that I’m not particularly a fan of the heat (if we haven’t – Hi I’m Jacki and I prefer temperate climates where I barely break a sweat while hiking outside because it’s  so cool). When I looked at the forecast this week and … Continue reading But I thought it was fall

Feels like summer

Philadelphia really knows how to kick off the summer by hitting 90 degrees before June even arrives. I personally am not a fan of the heat so while I enjoy the escapes to the beach during these next few months, I dread being outside when I’m not near a major water source. The thing is – Philly comes alive in the spring and summer. My … Continue reading Feels like summer

Traveling For All the Right Reasons

Remember how January felt like it was the longest month ever? Well February has me starting to feel the same way. For those of you not residing in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S., Philly has managed to be cold, rainy, snowy, freezing rain, and grey for the last 2 plus days. It has done nothing to inspire hope but has done everything to keep … Continue reading Traveling For All the Right Reasons